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This game has been developped for a game jam we did with a bunch of friends in a single week-end. The theme which was randomly selected was "Weather".

The game is a 4 players arena "brawler" (think TowerFall) about 4 kids at school trying to endure harsh temperature changes, thus throwing their clothes away or trying to steal clothes from other kids.

Some features and assets are not in the game due to time constraint, but we will work a bit more on the game in order to bring everything we did during the jam.

Install instructions

To play the game, you need 4 gamepads as it needs 4 human players to start a game.

The goal is to survive by changing the number of clothes you are wearing and not lose HP. If you life bar is blue, it means you're cold and need more clothes, if it's red, you're hot and need to toss clothes away. If it's green, you're regenerating HP, and if it's white you're ok.


Titter Tatter b0.8.zip 63 MB

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