This game has been developped by a team of four students during a gamejam.

The jam was organized by Manzalab, for their Kalulu educational game project and hosted at Isart Digital in Paris.

The rules where to make an 2D educational game for French speaking childs in Africa, aged between 5 and 9. It had to be a one input game, running in web browser, for tablet compatibility.

Our game aims at teaching basic maths. It works for children who don't know how to read numbers yet.

The player has to drag and drop blocks into machines to unlock a cage trapping an animal. They need to put the right amount of cubes in the machine, as indicated by both a number and a gauge. There are 4 types of blocks, with a value between 1 and 4.

Also, the game is color blind friendly.

For more info about the Kalulu Project :

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