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Mighty Miner 6 was developed in less than 48 hours during the StunJam a week before Stunfest 2016 by a team of 5, following the theme : []/O (a square and a circle were drawn as the theme). It won the Indie Jam award.

We designed some more advanced levels after the jam, but the whole mechanics and tutorial/beginner levels where made during the weekend.

The game is a 2D platformer with puzzles, where you can play a miner escaping a futuristic mine. You can jump, shoot and create up to 3 cubes to work your way out. You can also shoot or drop a block downward while jumping (à la Super Metroid).

Install instructions

This is a light build with reduced lighting effect and sometimes no background to keep a stable framerate.


Build7Light.zip 76 MB

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