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Crazy Matches is a 2 player game made during a game jam at Isart Digital Paris. The theme was "Chain Reaction"

One player plays as a match who has a limited lifespan and has to ignite other matches and set 3 of the 4 bottles of whisky aflame.

Everytime the controlled match dies of "natural causes", the play will gain control over another match which has been ignited during the last few seconds.

The other player is a grandma who wants to protect her whisky stash! She can shoot the matches with her watergun and has to extinguish them all before they reach their objective.

Controls :

(Xbox layout)

Matches : move with the left stick, press A to turn blue if you're lost (you will be) - Avoid water at all cost!

Grandma : aim with the left stick, load water with LT and/or RB, shoot water with A. You can also shoot at the sponges, once they are soaked enough, the will release a puddle for a short time.


CrazyMatches_V2.1.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

unzip and run the .exe

more info about the game in the instruction .txt file

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